5 Main Causes of Household Mold

5 Main Causes of Household Mold

Black mold is toxic and can become a huge health hazard if it is left unattended. Black mold grows in almost every house and it’s not that the black mold in small amount is a serious danger to health, but when the black mold grows exponentially that is when some serious actions need to be taken on time.

There are some reasons that cause black mold to grow.

Cause 1: It grows on food and things that are perfect for it

Organic substances are something that mold eats and that means that wood on the walls, kitchen, and other places can become potential victims of black mold

Cause 2: It loves to grow in places that are dark and warm

Mold cannot grow in places that are exposed to sunlight or places that are too cold. Mold can find places in your house that is warm and dark. These places are perfect for the growth of mold to grow and in a matter of no time mold covers all the area. These places can be your attic or roof.

Cause 3: It grows at a rapid rate if the moisture is good

Mold can grow at a seriously fast rate if the given moisture is available most of the time. Humidity filled areas are a perfect spot for moisture to grow in a house.

Cause 4: The pipe leaks can cause mold to grow

You have to find a leak that is constantly leaking water slowly, but the problem is that black mold grows at a quick rate if the moisture is present all the time. A leaking pipe gives moisture to mold almost all the time.

Cause 5: The damaged roofing of your house can cause black mold to grow

There are chances that in heavy rainfall season, your roof might start to leak water. This leaking water acts as a catalyst for the black mold since moisture is available all the time and it starts to grow at a good rate. Since people don’t go to the attic much, the mold starts eating the roof and in time you’ll have a problem of thedamaged roof.


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