Extinguish Small Fires in the House

Ways to Extinguish Small Fires in the House

Fire normally start with low intensity, but gets a sudden increase and can cause immense damage. It is advisory that fire needs to be extinguished before it starts to get out of control. There are ways in which you can extinguish small fires in the house. So here are the questions and their answers:

How to Extinguish Electrical Fire

The best way to extinguish an electrical fire is to pull out the plug or switch off the appliance. People often make the mistake of using water to extinguish theelectrical fire and it is highly recommended that you should not use water at all.

How to Extinguish Cooking Fire

You must make sure that the gas is turned off. You need to open the door and make sure that you use some sort of material such as baking soda to put off thefire. You should not use water at any cost or try to switch on the exhaust fan since it will draw the flames out.

How to Extinguish Gas Fires

You must make sure that you switch off the gas supply before taking any further step. You can use water to extinguish gas fires or a rug can be used too. The best way is to use a B-Type fire extinguisher since they are specifically made for extinguishing gas fires.

How to Prevent Fire from a Leaking Gas

You must never try to light a match or cigarette if you smell leaking gas from your stove or heater.  People make this horrendous mistake of lighting up match to check if the gas is leaking or not and this mistake so often claims many people life.

Well, these are the small ways to extinguish afire that may start off small but can become a big fire in no time at all. You need to make sure that you call the fire brigade and fire damage Restoration Company on time. It is important that a fire damage restoration company is called on time since you will need a lot of help in removing all the items in your house. A fire damage restoration company will make sure that they restore all the items that can be restored or repaired.

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